Introducing Academy Yen

Yen Luxury Hair Salon is proud to introduce our new Academy. With years of experience in hair styles, cuts and colourings we would like to pass our knowledge on to you. By learning with us you will gain real experience in a commercial salon and learn all the skills techniques you need to know in order to become your own boss. Our courses are designed to act as a finishing school to bolster your existing stylist training. So if this sounds like the right thing for you, just get in touch!

Chinese Hair

The method of cutting Chinese hair is rarely taught in any of the hair colleges in the UK, but this is a massively growing market and to able to merge your European outlook on fashion and image into an oriental haircut can only make you a much more sought after stylist.

The ever increasing  population of Chinese oversea students, British born 2nd 3rd and 4th generation residents in the UK make this a huge potential source of income for all concerned.

Yen, our senior director, of Chinese origin but taught in the UK is able to impart that knowledge  to you.

You will leave us proficient in the cutting oriental hair.

Bollywood Hair

Ever wondered how those gorgeous Bollywood actresses get their amazing curls ? It’s not easy! We know! The hair is usually very thick and long and the expectation…..beyond reality…..but we can deliver and we have. Our senior director’s Yen has a long history of styling Bollywood ‘A’ list stars and politicians, she knows how to large it up and she can teach you too…

You will leave us knowing how to create this! ….…

Bollywood Hair

….but take a look at this! The skill is transferable….one of our weddings

Bridal/Red Carpet and Prom Hair Styling

We will show you how to prep hair properly using heated rollers and tongs, discover how to create the right foundations and learn how to secure hair properly.

There’s a wealth of inspiration out there for your brides – with so much to choose from on Instagram and Pinterest – don’t be fazed.  We will show you how to create a wide selection of bridal hair styles from smooth & sleek to relaxed & tousled – we cover it all!

Being a successful wedding hairstylist isn’t just about learning how to create great hairstyles. There are lots of things to think about when it comes to choosing the right style for your clients – the wedding dress, the venue and even the height of the groom!

Whether you are new to Bridal Hair or a seasoned professional, our training is second to none.

Build your confidence and start your new career as a bridal hair professional.


Learn how to Blow Dry

Join us for a 1 day intensive course and master perfect blow-drying techniques for a flawless finish…

  • Know your brushes & products
  • We will show you which brushes and products produce great results, so you can achieve the look you want every time. 
  • Next, discover different blow-drying techniques
  • Correct sectioning, ribboning, smooth and sleek or voluminous curls
  • Learn how to create a variety of looks
  • Learn how to prep the hair correctly and use different techniques for a wide range of beautiful results.

Advanced Blow-Drying 

Get ready for the party season!

Keep on top of current trends with our excellent blow drying course.

  • Learn how to blow dry long, short and medium length hair
  • Correct sectioning
  • Create big, bouncy curls
  • Master straight, smooth and sleek
  • Lots of hands on practice

We supply everything you need for the training course.

 Everyone loves a fabulous blow-dry! Find out how to give your clients the finished result they want, every time.

Colour correction

Maybe yours or someone else’s client requested an ashy blonde, but ended up with a brassy yellow that just looks off, or perhaps the client envisioned a medium-brown hue with a touch of caramel, but left the salon with an inky colour that’s anything but warm chocolate. Maybe they asked for natural-looking highlights and got skunk-inspired streaks, instead.

Although all colourists ultimately want happy, satisfied clients, there’s always the possibility for human error or a breakdown in communication.

The solution might involve giving it another go (hey, everyone deserves a second chance!), but often the client is already on the slippery slope of going elsewhere, game over?

We can show you how to fix the most commonplace mishaps and what to do if you don’t want to lose that valuable client or if, indeed, you are that new colourist and need to know how to fix someone else’s mistake!